Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Have you shopped at all the sites at the Home Garden Mall?
A: I have shopped at 97% of the stores in this mall. I have noted on the few sites that are exceptions that I have browsed at the stores, found valuable information there and plan to shop there in the future. On all other stores you will find my personal comments about my experiences with the stores.
Q: What if I have a problem with a vendor?
A: Immediately contact their customer service department, either online at their site, by email or by phone. My experience with the vendors in this mall is they will do what is right by their customers!
Q: How can I get my store on the HomeGardenMall.com?
A: You may email me about your store. Include the URL, a short description of what you offer and why you believe it should be included in this mall. If I find it a fit for HomeGardenMall.com, shop at your site and find the experience a good one I will include it in the mall.


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